6 Best wedding letter hire ideas

Wedding light up letters are a perfect way to make your event stand out, and they’ve become increasingly common in recent years. People continue to use innovative ideas in new and unusual ways as new trends become “the norm.” So, here’s a rundown of the six best ways to get the most out of your light up letter hire rather than the traditional LOVE or MR & MRS.


Do you want your initials to have an ampersand or a heart? Make it personal and one-of-a-kind by making your initials shine bright in light! Even if your initials are the same, we can help because we have duplicates of several letters.


What would your surname look like if it were written in light up letters? If you’re both going to have the same last name, why not make it the focus of your light up letters? You may also use a tiny “the” to maximise the photo opportunity. The aim is to get people to take pictures on your wedding day. As a consequence, names personalise it, and almost everyone will want a photo of your illuminated letters. 


What about your venue name in lights? It makes a wonderful hashtag photo opportunity for guests to remember your stunning wedding venue. To create a show-stopping dance floor, our wide range of light up letters, numbers and symbols are this season’s choice of desired additional extras.

Memorable Word

What about something unforgettable and one-of-a-kind, something that captures the essence of the two of you? Light up letters would be something that visitors would remember for years, so there are plenty of word suggestions to play with; make it quirky and personal but most of all, make it unforgettable.

Wedding Date or Birthday

Your wedding date? Your First date? Or the big 70th! Having your wedding date or birthday in lights creates a truly personal touch. Perhaps you’re celebrating a major milestone, our 4-foot light up numbers really stand out and make it possible to spread the joy. One of our most popular hire services is creating an awesome photo opportunity and lighting up the room.

Make it memorable with giant lighting – It also ensures one you won’t miss your anniversary!


Finally, for your wedding day, how about a hashtag word? A wonderful way for friends and family guests to take as many photos as possible, uploading them to social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter using the wedding hashtag as a backdrop.

There are lots of possibilities for your wedding hashtag, you can personalise them by using your own names, initials, venue and date.

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